Top 5 Gifts of 2018 for the Home, by Room

Finding the right gift to give for Christmas is never easy. No one wants to give a gift that will end up in a storage closet for years to come. It is the desire for most of the people to gift cool products for your home. To avoid giving an unwanted gift, a clever option is to choose useful items for the home. Plus, with cold temperatures keeping people indoors over the winter months, gifts that improve indoor surroundings are ideal. To help narrow down gift options for the home, simply choose a room and focus gift choices from there. Read on for the Top 5 Gift Ideas for Each Room of the Home.

Kitchen Updates

Kitchen appliances have gotten a bad wrap as tacky, thoughtless gifts; but not so in 2018! Gone are the bulky, 4 slice toasters and waffle irons from our mother’s gifts of Christmas past; today’s kitchen choices are colorful, trendy, and designed to save time. 5 of the top gifts for the kitchen are:

  • A specialty Espresso machine.
  • Stand mixer, a must have for every home baker.
  • A home assistant device, such as Google Home-mini.
  • Professional knife set
  • Hands free kitchen faucet

Bathroom Indulgences

Spa experiences are always a blissful gift to open on Christmas morning! The one downside to them is they are costly and usually limited to a single experience. But, for about the price of one day at the spa, you can update a bathroom and give the gift of a spa-like experience that lasts all year. Consider the following 5 gift ideas to transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat guaranteed to be treasured:

  • Deluxe, shower head with multiple settings.
  • Luxury towels.
  • Home foot bath combined with scented bath salts.
  • Bluetooth mirror, to play calming music from.
  • Over sized light fixture with dimming switch.

Living Room Luxuries

Living room décor is used to express personal style and taste. Finding a gift for someone’s living room that is as unique as the person you’re shopping for can be difficult with and result in a gift that can miss the mark. For a personalized gift to enhance your loved one’s living space, try creating custom artwork using photos they love. 5 of the top photo gifts are:

  • Canvas art with pictures of family or vacations.
  • Coffee table photo book filled with family photos.
  • Throw blanket with the image of a beloved pet.
  • Serving Tray with custom picture collage.
  • Framed maps of cities where distant loved ones live.

Outdoor Spaces

Gardening may not be on everyone’s priority list during the holiday season, but Christmas is still a great time to give your outdoor space some thought. For the gardeners in your life, search the clearance sections of home improvement stores for tools they’ll love to use in spring. Other top ideas for outdoor spaces are:

  • Indoor herb garden.
  • Summer bulbs, gift now for beautiful blooms in the summer.
  • Seed starting supplies.
  • Plant light system for indoor gardens.
  • Solar lights to brighten pathways.

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