Top 10 Innovations that have Revolutionized Construction

Innovation is the key to a world fast moving and ever-changing. Innovation sustains and nurtures the growth of both individual businesses and the corporate industry. The construction industry is no exception. Here change will help improve the quality, aesthetics and the profitability of the projects taken up. Here are the top 10 innovations:

Drone technology

Drone technology used for analyzing building sites and develop maps or plans. Instead of using expensive tools the drones can give accurate data. It improves the safety, communication and marketing by capturing the real-time images of the construction site

3D Technologies

This tool shows how to construct functional and robust structures using 3D fabrications. This redefined technology decreases project delay and also adds value to the building. This innovation has helped improve the building’s safety and make it livable.

Mobile Technologies

Mobiles help the users to work together and also share information so that no one is left out irrespective of where they are. Tablets, mobiles etc. has made it easy for the user to analyze, collect data for the construction.



This innovation has become the basis of communication between users to share information and ideas regarding construction it also helps to build and supervise construction projects.

Virtual reality (VR)

VR is considered the most resourceful new kid in town concerning the construction industry. It can be used to create virtual mockups to facilitate user test, thereby leading to a reduction of cost and improved efficiency.

Self-Healing Concrete

This new age concrete uses various biological elements that fill in cracks. The concrete consists of healing bacteria and seals break caused by tension automatically. This modern concrete can put the old ones to dust.


Robots are making their presence felt by cutting across technical barriers. This technology helps in increasing productivity and reducing the workload. The built robotics track loader utilizes LIDAR, GPS and digital files that support it around the construction site.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Somewhere around the 20th century CAD emerged to change the face of the construction. The previously unrecognized discrepancies in the design phase where now rendered visible. It helps in developing drawings of a new building in two or three dimension

Modular Construction

Readymade is the new cool, and this applies to the construction business as well. Of late the world has seen a rise in the modular construction where a whole building can be fabricated off-site. Modular Construction helps on-time manufacturing and delivery, thereby reducing transit waste.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE has revolutionized health and safety sector in the construction business. It mainly refers to the protective wear used by workers in the construction site which helps reduce the workers exposure to the hazardous environment.

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