How to Fix Your Portable RV Air Conditioner

It’s decided: You’re buying an air conditioner! But, amongst the different options out there – how do you find YOUR perfect solution? Easy: Ask yourself the following 6 questions.

Number ONE: How many rooms do you want to be air conditioned? This is where you want to choose between a single-split or a multi-split air conditioner. A single-split means one unit inside your home, that is connected to one outdoor unit. This is the optimal one-room solution. A multi-split air conditioner allows you to have several indoor units that are connected to one outdoor unit. With this you can create the perfect climate in several rooms throughout your home.

Number TWO: Where exactly should the units be placed? Make a list of all the rooms and the exact walls you wish to install units upon. If you don’t know yet, ask an expert locally or visit your nearest shop and they should be able to help you out. Knowing the best place to put your air conditioner could end up saving you hundreds of dollars every year, so it’s important to get it right.

Number THREE: How big are the rooms you plan to install these units in? Ceiling height and room size in square meters determine the strength of the units. If you plan on installing them in smaller rooms, you may be able to get away with using a portable air conditioner. Some of the best portable air conditioners on the market today are quite reliable when it comes to cooling small areas.

Number FOUR: Think outdoors now: Where could you position your outdoor unit? If you have a patio space that needs cooled during the hot summers, it’s important to choose a spot that is not going to waste a lot of cool air.

Number FIVE: How far would this outdoor unit be from the corresponding indoor units? Good to know: The closer your outdoor unit is to the corresponding indoor unit, the easier and more efficient the installation.

Number SIX: What exactly do you wish to use your air conditioning system for? Just cooling? Or heating as well? Should it have an integrated allergy filter? A humidifier? A weekly planning schedule? Or do you even want to control your air conditioner via a Controller App? Most providers these days offer a wide range of modern, efficient air conditioner solutions for your home.

So: Once you have all the answers to these 6 questions, you’re ready to get out there and start looking for YOUR perfect solution: And of course, depending on the size of the split installation- before signing anything, make sure you get an on-site-visit with the installation company, to make a precise plan and offer. While these 6 questions may seem basic at first, they are vital in making sure you don’t waste a fortune when it comes to your heating and cooling bill!

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