Different types of picking carts

Depending upon the purpose and the material to be transported, picking carts are categorised into many types. Using the appropriate picking cart is essential as only then can the respective material be transported safely. We’ve mentioned the various types of picking carts in this article– read on:

Security cart

This security cart is made of welded steel or coated steel to ensure it remains sturdy and firm. Highly expensive goods or items that are dangerous in nature are meant to be transported in this trolley. This picking cart is even equipped with a lock system that ensures the items it carries remain safe under all circumstances.

Security cart

Stock picking cart

A simple cart with an easily accessible structure, the stock picking carts for order pickers are made up of resin or steel wire. They’re a lot easier to push around as they are much lighter in weight than the heavy duty security cart. They come with a lot of added features, which of course, add to the weight of the cart, but otherwise, they’re just right o carry around random stuff. They come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easier to choose a cart according to the size of the items.

Truck/ platform carts

These carts are crafted to pick the heavy stuff – they’re made out of tough materials such as resin, wood or even steel. They have a sturdy bed which is apt for carrying all the heavy duty stuff around. You might just need some extra mechanism to load up the heavy things on this cart, but that’s just fine as these carts are the best to lug around the heavy stuff.

Truck/ platform carts

Smart carts

How about making your mechanical carts smart? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?! And the best part of these carts is that you can make even easily turn your normal carts into smart with the help of the smart software systems available out there. These carts are pretty useful to move things around, and of course, the fact that they’re smart makes them even more efficient.


If the material you wish to carry isn’t loadable on a Truck Cart, you have to go in for the Fork Lift Picking cart. These can’t just be manoeuvred around by anyone and need a trained operator who knows how it functions pretty well. And yes, this picking cart is considered an investment – keeping the cost of the cart and the operator in mind, but it’s just right for the heaviest items.

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