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Walkthrough on Planer Thicknesser

A Planer Thicknesser is a machine tool used primarily in workshops and household inventories to cut wood or re-shape and re-size a given piece of timber into a required or the desired size. These thicknessers can be used in massive mechanical shops or can even be added to the collection of the home inventory collection.

Typically, a planer thicknesser comprises of three different parts:

  • Drum cutting blades
  • Feed-in and feed out rollers
  • Adjustable table levels to hold the timber or the wood in place, significant for accurate trimming.

Sometimes, DIY planer thicknessers are also the small models that have a table or a platform that is generally fixed to a constant drum or a blade with an adjustable machine part. This creates a level of thickness, which otherwise had to be operated by the machines.

Planer Thicknesser

Drum Cutting blade

A drum cutting blade is a metal cylinder (some thicknessers comprise of two cylinders) that rotate at speeds directed by the user to cut plane wood. These types of cutting blades are also used in power planes and power mills.

Feed-in and out rollers

These are used to change the thickness of long sections of timber. The rollers support the placement of the wood or the wood on the planer and also during its departure to make sure the process runs smooth and safe.

Planer and a thicknesser use the following:

  • Smoothening: One of the main advantages and uses of using a planer thicknesser is the ability to smoothen a wooden surface, without putting in extensive labour.
  • Levelling:Planers are frequently used in households and workshops to get rid of the extra wooden chaps or particles from the sides of doors, worktops etc. Thicknessers are also used to level the floors, jots and even the supporting beams of the device
  • Chamfering:This is referred to as the process that involves removal of sharp edges from a wooden piece or a material, generally performed by a planer and thicknesser together.

Ensuring safety while using planer thicknessers

  • Ensure that the device is switched off or rather unplugged before using it
  • Do not skim through the manual, but rather pay attention to the minute details mentioned in them to guarantee utmost safety.
  • Always wear protective gears and tight clothing to prevent any damage to clothes.
  • Keep loose clothing or any kind of cloth materials at bay

Key considerations before buying planer thicknesser

  • The planer width is of utmost importance to get the right finish on the wood. Consider a blade with 82mm to 56mm.
  • Planning depth should be around 4mm.
  • Higher wattage planers to generate more power
  • Cordless planer thicknessers provide enhanced maneuverability


Best Soldering Iron For Beginners

Soldering is the process of joining two or more items, generally wires by subjecting them to melting and putting a metal filler. The filler metal the is used will have a lower melting point. It might sound more like welding, but it is very different from that.

Soldering is an essential skill that is required when it comes to electronics. The repairing of any electronic device requires soldering. It is not a very difficult thing, but at the same time, it needs some practice to master it. In this article, we will see some of the best soldering iron for beginners.

Hakko FX888D- 23BY Digital Soldering Station

The Hakko FX888D is one of the most preferred soldering irons, which is very budget friendly. It costs just 143 dollars. More than anything, it has a lot of positive reviews from its customers, and it has a 5-star rating in Amazon. Unlike most other irons it heats up very fast, and it takes just ten seconds to heat up. The temperature is preserved while working.  There are options to adjust the temperature, and it is displayed in a digital display.

X-Tronic Model Soldering Iron Station

The X-Tronic Model Soldering Iron Station is a 75W soldering iron. There are lots of accessories that come along with it, which include solder roll holder, brass sponge, tip tinner, and flux that can be used to clean. The ergonomic grip and sturdy stand are something that needs a special mention. There is a digital display for the temperature. It can display in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. This awesome iron station comes with a 10 min sleep function. It means if you switch on the machine and keep it in the holder without using it will go to sleep mode after 10 minutes.

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering station

The Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering station is the best seller in Amazon. It comes with a simple on/off switch and temperature control knob. It is very easy to handle as it comes with a firm cushion foam. The replaceable heating element helps to use the iron for a long time. When compared to the above-mentioned irons, it takes a bit of extra time to heat. Except for this, it is an amazing product and it worth spending a considerable amount of money.

Aoyue Soldering Station

Aoyue Soldering Station comes with a removable 60W iron. It is compatible with various tips. The replacement is very convenient as you need different tips for different. The lightweight of the pencil is a huge advantage to make precise soldering. There is a small LED that shows whether the station is on or off. The temperature of the iron can be adjusted from 1 to 8 with the temperature control knob. The accessories that come along are a stand, cleaning sponge and a holder.

Different types of picking carts

picking carts

Depending upon the purpose and the material to be transported, picking carts are categorised into many types. Using the appropriate picking cart is essential as only then can the respective material be transported safely. We’ve mentioned the various types of picking carts in this article– read on:

Security cart

This security cart is made of welded steel or coated steel to ensure it remains sturdy and firm. Highly expensive goods or items that are dangerous in nature are meant to be transported in this trolley. This picking cart is even equipped with a lock system that ensures the items it carries remain safe under all circumstances.

Security cart

Stock picking cart

A simple cart with an easily accessible structure, the stock picking carts for order pickers are made up of resin or steel wire. They’re a lot easier to push around as they are much lighter in weight than the heavy duty security cart. They come with a lot of added features, which of course, add to the weight of the cart, but otherwise, they’re just right o carry around random stuff. They come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easier to choose a cart according to the size of the items.

Truck/ platform carts

These carts are crafted to pick the heavy stuff – they’re made out of tough materials such as resin, wood or even steel. They have a sturdy bed which is apt for carrying all the heavy duty stuff around. You might just need some extra mechanism to load up the heavy things on this cart, but that’s just fine as these carts are the best to lug around the heavy stuff.

Truck/ platform carts

Smart carts

How about making your mechanical carts smart? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?! And the best part of these carts is that you can make even easily turn your normal carts into smart with the help of the smart software systems available out there. These carts are pretty useful to move things around, and of course, the fact that they’re smart makes them even more efficient.


If the material you wish to carry isn’t loadable on a Truck Cart, you have to go in for the Fork Lift Picking cart. These can’t just be manoeuvred around by anyone and need a trained operator who knows how it functions pretty well. And yes, this picking cart is considered an investment – keeping the cost of the cart and the operator in mind, but it’s just right for the heaviest items.

How to Fix Your Portable RV Air Conditioner

split ac unit

It’s decided: You’re buying an air conditioner! But, amongst the different options out there – how do you find YOUR perfect solution? Easy: Ask yourself the following 6 questions.

Number ONE: How many rooms do you want to be air conditioned? This is where you want to choose between a single-split or a multi-split air conditioner. A single-split means one unit inside your home, that is connected to one outdoor unit. This is the optimal one-room solution. A multi-split air conditioner allows you to have several indoor units that are connected to one outdoor unit. With this you can create the perfect climate in several rooms throughout your home.

Number TWO: Where exactly should the units be placed? Make a list of all the rooms and the exact walls you wish to install units upon. If you don’t know yet, ask an expert locally or visit your nearest shop and they should be able to help you out. Knowing the best place to put your air conditioner could end up saving you hundreds of dollars every year, so it’s important to get it right.

Number THREE: How big are the rooms you plan to install these units in? Ceiling height and room size in square meters determine the strength of the units. If you plan on installing them in smaller rooms, you may be able to get away with using a portable air conditioner. Some of the best portable air conditioners on the market today are quite reliable when it comes to cooling small areas.

Number FOUR: Think outdoors now: Where could you position your outdoor unit? If you have a patio space that needs cooled during the hot summers, it’s important to choose a spot that is not going to waste a lot of cool air.

Number FIVE: How far would this outdoor unit be from the corresponding indoor units? Good to know: The closer your outdoor unit is to the corresponding indoor unit, the easier and more efficient the installation.

Number SIX: What exactly do you wish to use your air conditioning system for? Just cooling? Or heating as well? Should it have an integrated allergy filter? A humidifier? A weekly planning schedule? Or do you even want to control your air conditioner via a Controller App? Most providers these days offer a wide range of modern, efficient air conditioner solutions for your home.

So: Once you have all the answers to these 6 questions, you’re ready to get out there and start looking for YOUR perfect solution: And of course, depending on the size of the split installation- before signing anything, make sure you get an on-site-visit with the installation company, to make a precise plan and offer. While these 6 questions may seem basic at first, they are vital in making sure you don’t waste a fortune when it comes to your heating and cooling bill!

Adjusting Pressure on a Log Splitter- Step by Step Guide

A log splitter runs on a gasoline engine and uses hydraulic pressure to split logs. Fluid is compressed at high pressure in the pump until the piston gets thrust out with enough force to split wood. You can adjust the pressure up and down to control the strength and efficiency of the log splitter.     Different types of logs require varying degrees of splitter force. There will be less wear on the splitting lever if less force is used on soft or thin wooden logs.

As well, you will save fuel and stay protected from the flying pieces of wood that might result from excess splitting speed on softer wood.    For thicker logs, moving the pressure a notch higher can ensure that you go about wood splitting faster and more efficiently. When splitting logs with varying densities, below is a step by step guide on adjusting the pressure on the splitter.  Before going through the article you can read electric log splitter reviews and get a rough idea about electric log splitters.

Step 1: Start the engine to warm the hydraulic fluid

The pressure controlling mechanism is linked to the hydraulic fluid. Start the engine as you do when splitting logs. You can either use the critical ignition or pull the start cord; that depends on the model of your log splitter. Don’t let the engine pick up speed. You only want to get the hydraulic fluid to warm up enough for testing pressure.

 Step 2: Set the split lever in a neutral position

Set the split wedge in a neutral position before taking care of pressure changes. Take care not to touch any moving parts. Remember the engine can be hot by now so avoid touching all the other areas apart from the splitting wedge.

Step 3: Adjust screw on the pump

The inlet of the hydraulic jack has a cap, pop it open to access the adjustable screw. The screw in the hydraulic jack can be used to decrease or decrease the pressure falling on the lever. Be sure to read your manufacturer’s instructions first before adjusting this screw.  In many log splitter models, adjusting the screw all the way clockwise increases the pressure, while turning anti-clockwise reduces the pressure on the log splitter. As you keep testing to find out your best-desired pressure, the engine might speed up or slow down. That should be your cue on which pressure level to go with.

Step 4: Set back up the guards

Rise back up the guards on the sides and back to an upright bolted position. The guards protect users from accidentally touching the moving parts of the engine. Your gear is now prepared to work optimally. You can achieve an exact pressure setting in the hydraulic log splitter for the efficient operation of the splitting wedge. This way, the splitting force will be in tune with your particular splitting task.

Correct pressure settings on a log splitter can help to increase the durability of the log splitter and reduce the replacement intervals of the splitting lever. You will also have assured safety when splitting, regardless of the destiny of the logs.

How to pick the right kind of vacuum cleaner for your home

The modern vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. However, their cleaning ability is what matters most. During your shopping, you have to remember that some models have appealing features but they cannot match your individual cleaning needs. Before buying one it is better to go through online reviews in sites like vacuumhub that furnishes the complete details. The best vacuum cleaner should pick up pet hair and dander.

Some things to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner  –

 The type of floors to clean

If your house is full of tile and hardwoods but you still need the best vacuum cleaner, consider canister vacuums. Canister vacuums access tight spaces easily. If you need an upright vacuum cleaner, select one that allows turning off the brush roll. The brush roll may scratch your surface and scatter debris when cleaning.   A canister vacuum featuring a motorized head attachment will work better in carpeted rooms. However, if you have a larger space to clean, consider an upright.

A cleaner that allows adjustment of the brush roll height provides better results. Some models in the market also feature dirt sensors. They inform the user when the room is clean.   To clean a house with many stairs, you need a canister that features attachments and a longer hose. Nevertheless, if you need a single vacuum, avoid the cumbersome canisters. Choose a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner.

You can also purchase a cheap model purposely for the upstairs cleaning.   Vacuum cleaners are super versatile cleaning tools. Therefore, during your purchase, you have to consider their attachments. Apart from the dusting brush, standard crevice tool, and the upholstery brush, most models boast additional features to enhance removal of pet hair, cleaning of mattresses and dusting of ceiling fans and bookcases.

Variable suction will also be helpful when cleaning delicate items including small area rugs and drapery sheers. It will prevent damages. Consider the models with longer cords such as 35 feet. Such a device will help you reach a wider area.   –  Whether some people in your family suffer from allergies   To clean your floor, a vacuum cleaner draws in the air including debris and dust and sends the exhaust air out.

A cleaner with many crevices or poor filtration may scatter irritants in your home. That alone can make you wheezy or sneezy. To remain safe, select a sealed vacuum that boasts a HEPA filter. Actually, HEPA filters are able to trap around 99.7% of all allergens including pollen, dander, dust, and mold spores.

The cleaning time

Most of the newer models in the market claim to suck just like the traditional corded upright models. What’s more, you will not tether them to a power outlet. However, they have limited battery life. In other words, you will have to charge them several times when cleaning a large area. Therefore, if you need to clean your floor within the shortest time possible, you have to avoid them. Corded and Cordless handhelds and stick vacuums are ideal for quicker cleaning. On the drawback side, they lack versatility and power associated with the newer models.   –

The need for automation

Individuals who hate vacuuming might need to consider robotic vacuum cleaners. Robotic cleaners with area mapping will rarely miss a spot. Some can wet-clean and vacuum. However, they are expensive and not powerful. Put differently, they will not replace the regular vacuum cleaner.   There are no major differences between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. Bags are not messy but will need replacements. Bagels vacuums are convenient but they are not suitable for people with allergies.


To most individuals, the purchase of a vacuum cleaner might appear as simple as walking into a store and picking the first cleaner you see, but that is not the case. You have to decide on the size, shape and the features that will match your needs. Go for a vacuum cleaner that is easier to use and lowly priced.

Top 5 Gifts of 2018 for the Home, by Room

Finding the right gift to give for Christmas is never easy. No one wants to give a gift that will end up in a storage closet for years to come. It is the desire for most of the people to gift cool products for your home. To avoid giving an unwanted gift, a clever option is to choose useful items for the home. Plus, with cold temperatures keeping people indoors over the winter months, gifts that improve indoor surroundings are ideal. To help narrow down gift options for the home, simply choose a room and focus gift choices from there. Read on for the Top 5 Gift Ideas for Each Room of the Home.

Kitchen Updates

Kitchen appliances have gotten a bad wrap as tacky, thoughtless gifts; but not so in 2018! Gone are the bulky, 4 slice toasters and waffle irons from our mother’s gifts of Christmas past; today’s kitchen choices are colorful, trendy, and designed to save time. 5 of the top gifts for the kitchen are:

  • A specialty Espresso machine.
  • Stand mixer, a must have for every home baker.
  • A home assistant device, such as Google Home-mini.
  • Professional knife set
  • Hands free kitchen faucet

Bathroom Indulgences

Spa experiences are always a blissful gift to open on Christmas morning! The one downside to them is they are costly and usually limited to a single experience. But, for about the price of one day at the spa, you can update a bathroom and give the gift of a spa-like experience that lasts all year. Consider the following 5 gift ideas to transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat guaranteed to be treasured:

  • Deluxe, shower head with multiple settings.
  • Luxury towels.
  • Home foot bath combined with scented bath salts.
  • Bluetooth mirror, to play calming music from.
  • Over sized light fixture with dimming switch.

Living Room Luxuries

Living room décor is used to express personal style and taste. Finding a gift for someone’s living room that is as unique as the person you’re shopping for can be difficult with and result in a gift that can miss the mark. For a personalized gift to enhance your loved one’s living space, try creating custom artwork using photos they love. 5 of the top photo gifts are:

  • Canvas art with pictures of family or vacations.
  • Coffee table photo book filled with family photos.
  • Throw blanket with the image of a beloved pet.
  • Serving Tray with custom picture collage.
  • Framed maps of cities where distant loved ones live.

Outdoor Spaces

Gardening may not be on everyone’s priority list during the holiday season, but Christmas is still a great time to give your outdoor space some thought. For the gardeners in your life, search the clearance sections of home improvement stores for tools they’ll love to use in spring. Other top ideas for outdoor spaces are:

  • Indoor herb garden.
  • Summer bulbs, gift now for beautiful blooms in the summer.
  • Seed starting supplies.
  • Plant light system for indoor gardens.
  • Solar lights to brighten pathways.

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